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Remarkable energy savings are attained using our Kilowatch Energy Management System™. The Kilowatch system uses real-time energy usage monitoring combined with an abundance of energy saving features that translate to significantly reduced operating costs. With demand limiting, intelligent defrost control, dynamic stirring, facility lighting, and compressor management, the system provides up-to-the-minute operating cost reports which allow the operator to understand fully where their energy is being used

This system keeps you connected. With daily status reports and alarm notification by SMS and email, you remain on top of your operation. You can also login and view the system and make adjustments in real-time from your PC or smartphone as if you were standing in front of the interface. The system also carries data logging capabilities that store years of temperature and atmospheric data from your facility.

This system has traditionally been offered with new construction systems. Recently SCS has expanded their offerings to include retrofit systems for traditional direct expansion ammonia and Freon-based systems. Incredibly fast payback periods can be realized with the improved compressor management, defrost management, and demand limiting.