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Controlled Atmosphere, or CA, Stores are constructed to be gas tight in order to retain the low oxygen atmosphere needed for long term storage of fresh produce. Fruits that respond to CA conditions have various atmosphere requirements to maximise their storage life and their marketable quality, SCS has the founding expertise to create the right storage environment for your produce.


We will look at your individual business requirements and recommend the best options available including insulation, specialised gas tight doors and control instrumentation gas levels and atmosphere pressures to ensure the highest return on your investment.


We use Kingspan QuadCore™ panels in a variety of thickness to obtain the correct holding temperature for walls and ceilings expertly installed with food safe aluminium flashings and ceiling suspension (if required). These tongue & groove fitting panels from Kingspan © are designed to retain the sensitive environment of the controlled atmosphere within. QuadCore™ is a new insulated panel core. It’s been developed using a bespoke manufacturing process that creates a unique microcell structure. The result is thermal, fire and environmental performance that far exceeds any other closed-cell material. QuadCore™ can transform costs and energy efficiency in your project.

Gas Tight Doors

We can offer two types of gas tight CA doors for your stores depending on the size and budget – Salco CA Doors with inflatable gasket seal or our “SCS CA doors” manufactured in-house with screw tight fittings and that can be made to any size.

Control Instrumentation

Our CA control systems, can analyse, control and adjust the stores conditions – be it 2 stores or 20 stores – from one location, but can be monitored on handheld apple or android devices.

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