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Ethylene Absorbers

The Bioconservacion Ethylclean machine is a flexible air-treatment system, which ensures a hygienic environment, free of ethylene and other harmful microorganisms.

Producers, shippers, exporters, or other businesses that deal with the storage of fruits and vegetables can benefit by using the Ethylclean machine.

By reducing the ethylene levels the Ethylclean can increase produce sales, reduce losses through rot, and improve the supermarket quality image.

The Ethylclean machine uses BI-ON granules to absorb ethylene, fungi spores, bacteria, and bad odors. Firmness, color, and freshness of produce are maintained,thereby reducing waste. The BI-ON granules are disposable, and compatible with Organic Produce; they do not leave any chemical residues on food (nonadditive). This new BI-ON technology has longer life of the media, which

  • ultimately helps save costs.
  • Various sizes for various size storage areas
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Can be used in storage and distribution facilities
  • Wall mount or rollers
  • BI-ON disposable purifier granules
  • Low Cost

Specifications *

*Minimum Granule Absorption Capacity: 3 l/kg
Model Capacity Width Depth Height Weight
ETH 100 3,530 cu.ft 9.5” 7” 15.8” 22lbs.
ETH 500 17,657 cu.ft 19.6” 13.8” 43.7” 121lbs.
ETH 1500 52,972 cu.ft 39.4” 13.8” 43.7” 170lbs.
The bottom curve shows the strength and longevity of the BI-ON system.