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Ethylene Analyzers

This analyser is a simple hand held instrument with a built in pump that provides a direct reading of the ethylene concentration within a produce storage or ripening area.

In storage rooms where low ethylene is essential, checks can be made that the ventilation and ethylene removal systems are operating correctly. The minimum resolution of 0.2 ppm makes this instrument very useful for most products. For the ultra ethylene sensitive products such as Kiwi Fruit, a reading on this machine will indicate severe storage atmosphere problems.

A lithium battery provides constant activation of the sensor to maintain stability and a 9v battery powers the display and pump.

Unlike some other ethylene indicators, this instrument does notrespond to many other hydrocarbon’s but sensitivity to Carbon Monoxide limits its usefulness in areas where fossil fuelled vehicles are operating.


  • Storage rooms
  • Fruit transportation
  • 0-100 ppm Ethylene
  • 0.2 ppm Resolution
  • Low zero drift
  • Electrochemical cell
  • Electric sampling pump
  • Battery operation