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GCS 110

This oxygen analyser is a reliable and accurate instrument for use in many industries. The operation could not be simpler with an ON switch and a single air calibration adjustment. The sample gas is filtered and the oxygen concentration is measured with an advance high-performance electrochemical cell.

Unlike some cells, the measurement is not affected by CO2, O2, H2, ethylene or hydrocarbons in the sample gas. The cell has been designed to operate continuously in air for two years before it needs to be changed. A replacement cell is simple to install and requires minimal calibration. The air calibration at 21% can be adjusted to compensate for ambient barometric pressure changes and gradual reduction in cell sensitivity. The analyser zero has been found to be exceptionally stable and adjustment is not needed for normal applications. For very critical work there is an internal adjustment for occasional use.

The gas sample for the GCS100 is obtained with a hand pump and the GCS110 includes a miniature high-efficiency electrical pump. An easily obtainable 9V radio battery provides the power for the analyzer.

The 110LV model (pictured) allows for very small samples and is used widely in the packaging industry.


  • Simple, Easy Operation
  • 0-25% Oxygen
  • Resolution: 0.1%
  • High Performance Cell
  • No CO2 Interference
  • Low Zero Drift

  • Repeatability : 0.2%.
  • Resolution : 0.1%.
  • Typical Cell Life : Two Years.
  • Dimensions : 120 x 240 x 90 mm.
  • Power Supply: External “Plug-In” Type. 90-264VAC, 47-64Hz 10VA
  • Audio Output : 68dB(A).
  • Relay contact rating :230v 5A

GCS 221

The GCS221 is an oxygen indicator and alarm to monitor the oxygen in the atmosphere surrounding the instrument. It is designed to protect both product and personnel from low ambient oxygen caused by leakage from storage and production plant for nitrogen, carbon dioxide or other asphyxiant gases.

The ambient atmosphere diffuses into the oxygen sensor which is mounted on the front of the instrument. The output is measured and displayed on the digital controller and the alarm level is setwith the control buttons. The alarm will activate below the setpoint which is typically 19% oxygen.

The alarm consists of an internal low intensity audio sounder and a contact that can be used to switch an external alarm system.

The high-performance electrochemical oxygen sensor is very stable in operation with an expected life of two years. The calibration will gradually decline during the sensor life and recalibrating with fresh air at 21% will occasionally be required.

This sensor, like most gas sensors, measures the partial pressure of the oxygen and therefore the reading will vary in proportion to the barometric pressure. The GCS221 will operate continuously and is powered from the main AC supply.


  • 0-25% Oxygen
  • 0.1% O2 Resolution
  • LED Digital display
  • High performance Cell
  • No CO2 interference
  • Low zero drift
  • Audible Alarm
  • Wall mounting