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SCS Aluminum Doors

Aluminum Doors

  • Aircraft-Riveted Aluminum Construction
  • All Stainless Fasteners
  • Access Port for Testing Fruit
  • Lexan Flat or Concave Window Option
  • Lightweight
  • Floor Seal Pad

The template at right makes it easy for you to convey your custom door needs to us.

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The technology of building CA doors like airplanes comes from Caryl Schaefer, the founder of Storage Control Systems. His first doors were built in 1981 for a local grower. Since that time we have sold over 1750 doors, serving North and South America. Aluminum Aircraft Riveted Controlled Atmosphere Seal Doors are the most popular solution to access for sealing in the Midwest. Made of high-quality aluminum and constructed with hardened bucked aircraft rivets, these doors are built for the life of a CA room.

These non-insulated, lightweight doors are very easy to put in place and attach with your choice of fastening options: SCS clip and wing nut combination or a turn buckle arrangement. Standard doors are mounted from the inside of the room onto an aluminum angle jam cover which is included with the door. This angle has the foam rubber gasket attached to it. Other mounting options or custom arrangements are available.