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SCS Electric Slide Valves

In an effort to provide automatic control capabilities to all customers or to automate a customer’s existing valving, Storage Control Systems has developed a more economical valving solution, the SCS Electric Slide Valve series. The concept is simple: an electric actuator with valve state (position) LED indication. This valve may be coupled with any number of our PLC-based control systems, including our stand-alone systems as well as many of our CA storage machines. Storage Control Systems also offers a manual switch station that can be connected to up to 8 zones, giving an operator remote control of valves that may be in hard-to-reach locations.

Each valve is fitted with an electronic control board that gives visual feedback of the valve’s position. An optional relay contact is available on the circuit board to give the remote user feedback of the valve’s position.

This control board and actuator may also be mounted in a different way to allow for two valves to be opened using a single actuator. This dual valve is especially useful in scrubber piping applications, where it is necessary to guarantee that both the suction and discharge lines are open at the same time. By operating both valves with a single control board and actuator, both valves operate exactly the same. This means that, should a fault occur, any extreme changes in pressure in the room are prevented due to one pipe being open and the other being closed.