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SCS Lab Systems & Research

The concept is simple: you assess your needs and wishes, talk to us about the type of work you are looking to research, and what goals you would like to achieve. We work with you to design a laboratory set-up of equipment, which is under warranty for the duration of your contract, to be installed at your facility, and contract a team of worldrenowned, industry-leading scientists to work with you at your lab with your fruit for three years to achieve the best results possible. These results are compiled and given to you and you alone, are never published or used elsewhere. Get the most from your fruit; contact us today to see how we can help.

Benefits to Our Package

  • Proven Lab Equipment used at Michigan State University, Cornell University, AgroFresh Inc., University of Guelph, and more
  • Same Equipment as Industry Standard Control Devices Available
  • True Scientific Studies Performed with Industry Leading Scientist Staff
  • Confidential and Comprehensive Project Report
  • 3-Year Contract with Top Scientists in the Industry
  • Researching Your Fruit at Your Own Facility
  • 3-Year Warranty on Equipment during the Contract
  • No Hidden Overhead or Administrative Fees
  • Virtually Any Size Project is Possible, since it’s Your Equipment and Your Facility
  • Project Examples include: Optimization of Storage Regimes for New Varieties, Testing of Postharvest Treatments versus Disorder Development, Testing for Low-O2 Stress Points, and much more!

After decades of providing leading equipment and technologies to research laboratories around the globe, Storage Control Systems has established their own laboratory and research division. From lab projects to research consultation, Storage Control Systems has the resources to tackle nearly any undertaking.

To aid in research, Storage Control has contracted postharvest physiologists that are linked closely with the scientific community to lend an expert hand to your project. These world-renown leaders in produce storage have worked closely with SCS in the past, and will continue to be an invaluable asset to your research. More than just installing lab equipment, having these scientists on staff for a 3-year contract will afford you true scientific studies from the day the fruit is harvested until the last storage removal. They will help use proper experimental designs with adequate replication, so that you can have complete confidence in the results. Your research contract, most importantly, does not include any additional overhead or administration fees., which are present in most government and university research. Use your own facility, fruit, and save money!

In order to more accurately represent typical storage conditions without the need to sacrifice an entire room of product, Storage Control Systems has constructed a mini CA storage facility at its world headquarters in Michigan. Constructed using the same methods used in full-scale storages, our in-house lab facility can effectively replicate real-world commercial storage conditions, providing better practical results in the field. Using our own lab as a model, custom-scale CA facilities can be constructed on your premises to aid in resarch on your specific varieties in more accurate real-life conditions without the risk of full-scale experimentation. For even smaller, lab-scale projects, our custom aluminum CA cabinets in 8- and 16-unit configurations hold twelve bushels of produce each, affording greater experimentation with multiple treatments and several storage durations.

Both lab-style CA rooms and cabinets can have a nitrogen source and carbon dioxide gas piped to them to allow for flexible storage conditions. With these gases available, any storage regime can be tested. You also have the option of controlling these gases automatically though a GCS/ICA 6000, which is used in many postharvest labs worldwide. The use of these systems provides hands-free operation, automatic data logging capability in standard Microsoft format files, and operation over the internet.

The project results are compiled in a complete report, which is confidential to the customer. No results are ever published,so the true benefit goes to you to get a head start on new varieties to be stored or the latest storage regimes to be used. What better way to ensure the best quality product than to determine the best storage process in the lab first?