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SCS6000 CA Control System

The SCS6000 system is the latest in a long line of integrated systems for the measurement and control of Controlled Atmosphere fruit or vegetable storage rooms. It is an extremely flexible system that is configured to meet the needs of each application and can have a capacity from 4 to 56 rooms. The system is independent of any proprietary CA machinery and can be used with many types of carbon dioxide and oxygen control equipment.

The SCS6000 includes gas analyser sensors which are regularly checked for calibration and can be set to automatically correct for any drift. The sampling system comprises a high quality pump, vacuum gauge and filter/separator. The PLC controls the room sampling sequence by selecting the appropriate sampling solenoid valves. For small cabinets used in research and CA testing the system can be built with solenoids to return the sample gas.

Control outputs for room ventilation, nitrogen purge and CO2 scrubbing are time proportional to provides accurate control of the gas atmosphere in each storage room. Control of CO2 add is also available for specialist applications such as berry storage.

Temperature is measured from up to 6 probes per room with the high accuracy SCS28 temperature probes. Connection is available to permit the SCS6000 to monitor the settings and operation of Dixell room temperature controllers. Inputs are also available for Humidity measurement, Ammonia or other refrigeration gas alarm and the measurement of ethylene from 0.2 to 25 ppm.

The operation of the SCS6000 is from a touch screen controller which permits all readings and setting adjustments to be easily made. This screen can also be accessed remotely on a connected PC or mobile device. The SCS6000 is connected to a standard Ethernet network and has its own IP address for connection to a wired or wireless network and through a broadband internet connection using industry standard IT techniques.

There is additional .NET software available to use on a connected PC computer to provide full screen data displays and tabular and graphical reports which can be stored and exported in many common data formats. Alarm alerts can be sent directly by email from the controller to a mail address of choice.

The modular design of the system is taken to another level with all the input and output modules interconnected with an industry standard CANbus network that uses a single twisted pair wire connection. This permits the simplification of the installation with substantial savings to be made in wiring and pipework.

The flexibility of the design gives the ability to provide systems from a simple one box system for 2 CA rooms to a full 56 way laboratory. Upgrades are also available for David Bishop OXYSTAT systems and ICA61 controllers, as well as, a version of the SCS6001 for temperature and RH monitoring without the gas analyser functions.


  • Simple Operation
  • 4 to 56 Rooms
  • Vent & N2 Flush Control
  • CO2 Scrub & CO2 Add Option
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Connection to Temp Controllers
  • Automatic Analyser Calibration
  • Connects to Ethernet Network
  • Remote Operation via Mobile Phone
  • Email Alarm Alerts
  • Commercial CA Rooms
  • CA Shipping
  • Laboratory Systems
  • High CO2 Rooms
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