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SCS6750 Lab Series Analysers

Upgrade your lab CA system to the latest technology: Intelligent Controlled Atmosphere with the 6750 Lab Series Analyser by SCS, Ltd.

Our proven 6750 Lab Series analysers place the sensors inside any cabinets or other research chambers, regardless of size or age, all without the need for a sampling system. This offers not only real-time, high-accuracy O2 & CO2 readings to the thousandth (0.000%), but also allows for respiration studies. By pausing the atmosphere control, the change in O2 and CO2 caused by the product respiration is measured and used to calculate and display the respiration rate. Never before has it been so easy!

The renowned 6000 control module has outputs that work with your existing control solenoids for even greater ease of integration. Best of all, the system can work with anywhere from 1 to 32 chambers, allowing for easy expansion or incrimental upgrade as required. The measured data is regularly collected and can be displayed on a program that runs on the PC and can be exported to Excel or other common software. PDFs are created in a snap.

While the analysers and controller can be a stand-alone system, it can also be an addition to any existing 6000 CA control system running a conventional single analyser and pumped sampling system. Further options include connecting to existing control valves, or we can provide new individual cabinet control valves and flowmeters.

Give your aging laboratory a new lease on life with this simple and cost-effective system!


  • Simple Upgrade for Existing Equipment
  • Software Control Integrates with Existing Solenoids
  • More Precise Control of CA Conditions
  • Measures RQ & Respiration
  • High-Resolution Gas Analysers Display in Real-Time
  • Automatic Operation
  • Full Data Recording
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