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Stoplite II Oxygen Alert

The ever-more present dangers of low-oxygen storage have sparked the latest offering from Gas Control Systems, the STOPLITE II™. The STOPLITE II™ system can be added to most SCS and GCS CA controllers. The system was developed to simply and obviously alert persons before entering a CA environment by using the universally adopted and utilized concept behind traffic safety, the traffic signal. Green means go, yellow means yield and red means stop: what could be more simple?

The 2.8” touchscreen interface is installed outside the door of each CA room and requires nothing more than a low-voltage Ethernet cable for power and data. The screen displays three colored notifications: green above 19.5% O2, yellow between 19% and 17.5% O2, and constant red below 17.5% O2.

When you touch the STOPLITE II™, that’s when things come alive. Depending on the options installed in the central controller, STOPLITE II™ displays oxygen, carbon dioxide, room pressure, up to 6 temperature probes, and control of room lighting.

The STOPLITE™ can also be modified to monitor other gases, such as ammonia or ethylene, or to communicate between a GCS 6000 CA control, SCS-SII, or EIII+ carbon scrubber.


  • 2.8” Touchscreen at Each CA Room
  • Multi-Stage Light Displays Warning Level
  • High-Resolution TFT-LCD Display
  • PoE Ethernet Connection for fast installation